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Emergency: 911

General Information: 352-369-7000

Non-Emergency Calls for Service: 352-369-7070

24hr. Anonymous Crime Line: 352-369-7061

Balken, MichaelDeputy ChiefOPD
Biondi, LouisMajor of Community Policing BureauOPD
Boozer, DianaFiscal ManagementOPD
Bos, MatthewSergeant of TrainingOPD
Brewton, MarySergeant of Youth DevelopmentOPD
Brian, YoungLieutenant of Special OperationsOPD
Buchbinder, JamieLieutenant - Watch CommanderOPD
Buetti, MelissaPatrol SergeantOPD

Please call either 352-369-7070 or 369-7000 to leave a message for a particular officer or employee.

Ocala Police Department Custodian of Records:

Ngozi N'Nmadi
402 South Pine Avenue
Ocala, Florida 34471

Personnel Records Request:

Fax: (352) 369-7223
Telephone: (352) 369-7181

For Records request that concerning an Incident or Accident Report:

Fax: (352) 369-7219
Telephone: (352) 369-7090