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The Special Deployment Unit arrested a 71 year old man for Exposure of Sexual Organs at the Paddock Mall.
On today's date, 12/18/13, an Ocala Police Department detective was given information about an advertisement on Craig's List. The ad advised that a 56 year old male was looking for other men to perform oral sex on in the Paddock Mall food court restrooms. The ad advised what the man would be wearing and what to do if you were interested in this activity. The ad also advised that the subject would be present at that location between the hours of 11 and 1.

After reveiwing this, at approximately 11:10 am, Sgt. Eric Hooper went to the food court area of the Paddock Mall. Once there, he observed a subject fitting the description from the Craig's List advertisement. Several minutes later, the male followed Sgt. Hooper into a stall in the mens' room and immediately put his hands on Sgt. Hooper's genetalia over top of the clothing. When Sgt. Hooper advised the man to prove he wasn't a police officer, the man exposed himself. Sgt. Hooper then identified himself as a law enforcement officer and took the man into custody.

The subject arrested was identified as W/M James Leroy Routson, DOB 9/13/42. Routson advised that he had placed the ad on Craig's List and had lied about his age.

Routson was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with one count of Exposure of Sexual Organs.

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