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Officers immediately locate and arrest the suspect who burglarized the Ocala Bingo on April 28, 2013, and stole thousands in scratch-off lottery tickets.
On April 28, 2013, at approximately 10:56pm, officers responded to an alarm at Ocala Bingo, located at 1601 NE 25th Ave., Unit #601. Upon arrival an exterior glass door and an interior glass door were both found with the glass removed from the door frames. Once access to the interior of the business was made, entry into the office area was gained. The suspects then stole a container with loose change in it and numerous new/unscratched lottery tickets.
Responding units observe a subject entering Blue Skies Estates, 2626 NE 14th St. and a K-9 track led to lot #67. Upon knocking, the officers were granted consent to enter the residence. Once inside they immediately located several scratch-off lottery tickets and the container of loose coins. Upon further search, they located W/M Tyrone Electius Moreland, DOB 12/7/79, in the bathroom with more of the lottery tickets. Moreland was taken into custody and he advised to having found the coins and lottery tickets on the sidewalk. One of his roommates, upon being interviewed, advised that Moreland had brought the tickets and coins into their home.
The total number of scratch-off lottery tickets recovered was 1,062 at a value of $2,055.00.
Moreland was placed under arrest by Detective Mark Fisher for one count of Burglary and one count of Grand Theft; bond was set at $7,000.00.

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