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Fraud Alert - OEU Customers
Ocala Electric Utility Customers have been the target of recent fraud calls.
Recently, customers of Ocalal Electric Utilities have been the recipients of fraudulent phone calls. In these calls the caller identifies his or herself as an employee of OEU and advises that the utility bill is over due. The caller advises that a dollar amount will need to be paid to avoid having utilities shut off. From the one victim that OPD currently has a report on, the instructions to pay the fine include obtaining a pre-paid debit type card from a local store and paying the caller with that.

To all customers of OEU - please be advised that OEU does not conduct business in that manner!! If there is an issue with your billing, they will only ask that the authorized party responsible for the bill contact their offices to address the issue.

Do not pay these people or give them any of your personal identifying information.

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