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Ocala Police Department Announces Launch of Mobile App
The Ocala Police Department is proud and excited to announce it's new MyPD App - OPD is only the second law enforcement department in Florida to have the MyPD App.
The Ocala Police Department is excited to announce the launch of its new mobile application. This app will allow faster, more personal contact with all of our citizens. In today’s fast-paced electronics driven world, OPD feels it’s important to keep up with the current technology in order to make it easier for the Department to get information out to the community and for citizens to contact us. The app, called MyPD, is the first full featured app feasible for police and it is free for all citizens.
MyPD is accessible for citizens on their mobile devices and is compatible with both Apple and Android technology. The phone application or “app” can be downloaded free by searching for My Police Department or MyPD in the iPhone or Android marketplace. The police app is available to the public free of charge and is also free of any advertisements. Once downloaded you simply navigate to the Ocala Police.
It will also be accessible on computer devices through our website and Facebook page. MyPD provides features such as Officer Commendations, Crime Tips and Questions & Feedback. Those providing crime tips will have the ability to choose to remain anonymous and/or those who would like to may contact the Chief or members of his staff directly. With the MyPD app, citizens can be aware of incidents quicker than ever through the push notifications and they will also be able to access links to other sources of information.
As is the case with our email, tip sites, and social media, our app is not for any type of emergency situation. The app is for routine questions and information sharing. 9-1-1 is always the method for emergency situations or response.
MyPD is a very user-friendly app that anyone can use. We are very excited about this app and encourage all the members of our community to download it for free and stay in close touch with the Ocala Police Department.
More app information can be found on the Ocala Police Department website at www.ocalapd.com and the MyPD police app website http://MyPDapp.com

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