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The Ocala Police Department is kicking off it's new Juvenile Offender Watch Program today, 09/30/10.
Today, September 30, 2010, the Ocala Police Department will kick off a new Juvenile Offender Watch Program. This is a newly employed program designed to ensure that the Ocala Police Department takes an active role in monitoring youthful offenders while they complete their probation requirements. The Ocala Police Department will be working hand in hand with the Department of Juvenile Justice, parents and the juvenile offenders themselves to ensure that probation requirements are being met. Any violations discovered through the monitoring program will be reported to the appropriate Juvenile Probation Officers for possible enforcement action. This prevention and intervention strategy will help to reduce the rising occurrence of crime committed by young offenders and help them to secure a meaningful place for themselves in our society.

The Ocala Police Department will conduct monthly visits with youthful offenders and their parents or guardians. During these visits, officers will ensure that juvenile offenders are adhering to their probation stipulations and will offer guidance to families in need of further support services.

Beginning at 5:30pm tonight, Officers will be making contact throughout the City of Ocala with juvenile offenders who meet the criteria outlined above, and their parent(s) or guardian(s). They will distribute flyers that describe this program and the role officers will play in their lives during the probationary time. Our goal at the Ocala Police Department is to ensure that juvenile offenders and their families receive the proper support necessary for a successful return to society without the possibility of re-offending.

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