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On Saturday, 04/26/14, at approximately 9:15 PM, Officers investigated a single car accident that resulted in the driver being arrested for DUI and 2 counts of Child Neglect.
On Saturday, 4/26/14, at about 9:15 PM, Officers responded to the area of SW 27th Ave. & SW 10th St. in reference to a single car crash. Investigation revealed that the driver had been southbound on SW 27th Ave. and was making a left hand turn to go east on SW 10th St. The driver made the turn, but turned into the westbound lanes, putting the car on the wrong side of the grass median. The car then crashed into a tree in the grass median, causing extensive damage to the right front of the car.
The car was found to have been driven by W/F Erica Ann Peluso, DOB 5/23/85, and her two children - boys ages 2 and 6 - were passengers. A witness stopped to assist and was holding the 2 year old, who had a small laceration to the middle of his forehead, when Officer James Pitman arrived. Peluso was attempting to get the 6 year old child out of a child seat in the back of the car & was told to leave him where he was until the medics arrived; this child had a head injury that was bleeding. Officer Pitman was advised by the witness that the 2 year old child had been sitting in Peluso's lap at the time of the crash. Upon the arrival of EMS, Peluso refused medical care for the 6 year old when it was advised that he was in need of it.
Due to observations of Peluso's behavior and the strong odor of an alcoholic substance coming from her, Officer Dean Armstrong conducted a DUI investigation. As a result, he found Peluso to be impaired and she was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. Once there, she agreed to a test of her breath for alcohol content; results were a .206/.257.
Peluso's 6 year old child was transported to a local hospital for treatment and did need staples for the laceration to his head. DCF was contacted in reference to this incident and to take custody of the children.
In addition to the DUI charge, Peluso was charged with 2 counts of Child Neglect.

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