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Aggravated Animal Cruelty
On Sunday, 4/27/14, W/M Steven Fleming was arrested for Aggravated Animal Cruelty after it was found he stabbed a dog and then beat it with a baseball bat.
On Sunday, 4/27/14, officers responded to 1137 NE 13th St. in reference to calls of a possible domestic dispute and dog being beaten. Officers Kyle Drawdy and Deborah
Wabbersen arrived at the residence and Ofc. Drawdy directly confronted a subject walking away from the house - later identified as W/M Steven Fleming, DOB 11/30/64 - who immediately ran. After a short foot pursuit, Officers Drawdy & Wabbersen took Fleming into custody. He was found to have a large amount of blood on his jeans. He was taken into custody and placed in a patrol car.
At the house, several neighbors advised to having heard banging, glass breaking, yelling & screaming, along with the crying & yelping of a dog. Theses noises were so loud that it drew residents out from inside of their homes.
Officers went in to search but did not find Fleming's live-in girlfriend to be present; however, were still unsure if she'd been in the home when this occurred & if she was a possible victim. Officer Sean Young was eventually able to locate her passed out beneath a tree near the Snow Birds Tavern, 134 NW 20th St. She was highly intoxicated, but unharmed; she had not been present in the home when the incident had occurred.
Officers at the residence did locate a female, white American Boxer Labrador mix dog named "Molly"; neighbors had kept her when she'd run from the home. "Molly" had visible injuries to the top of her head and blood in her nasal cavity and ears. Additionally, her third eyelids were visible and her face was swelling. Animal Services was summoned to assist. They took custody of the dog and took her to their veterinarian. Examination revealed that Molly had suffered a fractured skull and three stab wounds to the head; one of which had penetrated the bone into the left sinus cavity.
Inside the home, officers found large amounts of destruction and blood all over the place. In a bathroom they found a large amount of blood pooled and splattered in the shower and a baseball bat that had broken by splitting down the center.
Fleming was taken to the Marion County Jail and arrested for one count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty and one count of Resisting Without Violence.
"Molly" is in the care of Animal Services and is being treated for her injuries.

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