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Man Arrested for Abuse of a Disabled Adult
On 4/22/14, Officer James Deas arrested an employee of the Ocala Cluster Facility for abuse of a resident.
On today's date, 4/22/14, Officer James Deas responded to the Ocala Cluster Facility, located at 3205 SE 17th St. in reference to a report of abuse to a client. The victim is a 44 year old male who is both mentally and physically disabled; he is a full-time resident of the facility. One of the victim's caretakers was a B/M Ryan A. Edwards, DOB 5/28/89, who was arrested in this case.
Staff at the facility noticed a large bruise on the victim's right shoulder on today's date. The victim disclosed to the facility director and Officer Deas that Edwards had struck him in the shoulder last Friday because he was angry that the victim kept soiling himself. The bruising was found to be large and the victim advised that it was painful.
Edwards was then spoken to. He confirmed the information that the victim had given. He advised that he was angry and lost his temper due to the victim soiling himself, and that he struck the victim in the shoulder.
Officer Deas placed Edwards under arrest for one count of Abuse of a Disabled Adult and he was transported to the Marion county Jail.

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