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On 1/13/14, OPD Detectives Hoover, Uptagraft, Hardman, Buetti, and Todd were able to arrest 3 suspects in 8 different cases involving auto burglaries and auto thefts.
Beginning on November 21, 2013 through January 10, 2014, Detectives had been working numerous cases involving auto burglaries and auto thefts. The majority of the cases had occurred in or near the Downtown area and in or near the area of Laurel Park Apartments, 100 NW 23rd Ave.

Three cars were stolen during this time; a 2008 Acura, a 1991 Chevrolet Blazer and a 2014 Jeep Wrangler. Each of these vehicles was unlocked with a key, or keys, left inside the vehicle. Also occurring during the listed time frame were 5 auto burglaries to unlocked vehicles in the same areas.

The Acura was stolen on 12/24/13 and was found to have been involved in a wreck on 12/26/13 - it was driven into a ditch and abandoned. The Blazer was stolen on 1/7/14 and was located abandoned in NW Ocala on 1/8/14. The Jeep was stolen on 1/9/13 and was located by Detective Buetti when canvassing an area for it on 1/10/14; two suspects fled the vehicle on foot and one was detained in the vehicle.

The subject in the Jeep stopped by Det. Buetti was B/M Brent A. Smith, DOB 8/29/83, who was located in a passenger seat. As a result of this encounter, Smith was initially charged with Possession of Burglary tools and booked into the Marion County Jail. Information was also able to be obtained on the other two subjects, identifying them as B/M juvenile Wendell Curcio, DOB 4/14/98 and B/M juvenile Marvin D. Brown, DOB 12/20/98.

On 1/13/14, Detectives located Brown and Curcio in Laurel Park Apartments and transported them to OPD Headquarters for questioning. Both Brown and Curcio advised to having committed the burglaries and thefts.

Brown was charged with 4 counts Burglary Auto, 1 count Petit Theft, 2 counts Grand Theft, 1 count Auto Theft, 1 count Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Property Damage, 1 count No Valid DL.
Curcio was charged with 4 counts Burglary Auto, 1 count Petit Theft, 2 counts Grand Theft, 3 counts Auto Theft.
Smith has been charged with 1 count Possession of Burglary Tools, 2 counts Burglary Auto, 2 counts Grand Theft and 1 count Auto Theft. Smith is still pending further charges.

A great job was done in solving these crimes by all the Detectives and Officers involved.

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