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Ocala Police Department will be Recommended for State Law Enforcement Reaccreditation
The Ocala Police Department has completed the process and will be recommended for State Law Enforcement Reaccreditation.
On November 6, 2013 the Ocala Police Department was notified in person that the Department will be recommended for State Law Enforcement Reaccreditation in February 2014. Command Staff, the Mayor, and Councilman John McLeod sat with the departing Assessment team for the traditional “exit interview” in which a summation of the inspection results was provided.

The three member inspection team was led by Retired Chief Vicki Cutcliffe of the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and of the Florida Department of Financial Services. The team consisted of Angela Madias of the Davie Police Department and June Esposito of the Port Canaveral Police Department. The team will present its recommendation to the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation at its next meeting in Jacksonville, Florida on February 4, 2014. The Commission will then vote on the official awarding of reaccredited status at that time.

The Ocala Police Department was originally accredited in 2008 and reaccredited in 2011. The assessment process involves a thorough examination of the department in over 250 standards. The process typically takes three days to complete, but the agency was able to complete the process within a day and a half.

Chief Greg Graham expressed his pleasure and pride in the members of the Ocala Police Department and the great knowledge and professionalism they showed during this process, and continue to show on a daily basis. Chief Graham stated, “I am extremely proud of each and every member of the Ocala Police Department. All of our employees are dedicated and professional; they make my job a joy and I am proud to be the Chief of such a great law enforcement agency.” Chief Graham also wishes to express his great appreciation of the support received by the Ocala Police Department from Mayor Guinn and the Ocala City Council as well as the citizens of the City of Ocala during this very important process.

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