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On October 23, 2013, Detectives were able to identify and arrest the suspect responsible for smash & grab burglaries to 3 local Diamond Oil stores.
On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at approximately 3:11pm, Ocala Police Department Detectives Michael Bowman and Melissa Buetti arrested the suspect in the Smash & Grab Burglaries that occurred to 3 Diamond Oil stores in Ocala. In these incidents, glass windows were smashed out and beer & cigarettes stolen.
The first occurred on September 28, 2013 at approximately 11:38pm at the Diamond Oil located at 2375 NE 25th Ave. The second occurred approximately four and a half hours later at the Diamond Oil located at 3685 SW 20th St. , at approximately 4:00am on September 29, 2013. Video surveillance on both was obtained and the suspect appeared to be the same in both incidents, as well as the same suspect in similar incidents in Marion County. On October 12, 2013 at approximately 6:40am, the Diamond Oil at 2534 SE 17th St. was also burglarized by a subject seen in video to bumble his efforts to steal a container full of cigarettes and beer. In this third incident, the suspect has a t-shirt over his face that falls down and enables video to capture his face. Video and stills from this incident and the two previous incidents was put out via OPD's social media to the public.
On October 23, 2013, Detective Bowman received an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers advising that the subject pictured in the video from the October 12th incident is a subject named "John" who lives at 505 NE Sanchez Ave. in Ocala. Det. Bowman responded to that location and the suspect was identified by management as W/M Jonathan Wade Whatley, DOB 12/17/68. Det. Bowman also spoke with Whatley's employer, who identified the hat, long-sleeve shirt and dust mask worn in the videos of the first two incidents as clothing items worn by Whatley when working. Whatley was called in from a job site to the business' office where Detectives Bowman and Buetti, along with members of SDU and UDEST, where waiting for him. Whatley was taken into custody for the 3 burglaries; he refused to speak with detectives. He had a hat in the work truck he was driving that matched the one in the video surveillance.
Whatley was charged with the following: 3 Counts of Burglary Commercial and 3 Counts of Petit Theft .
Additionally, Whatley was found to be on Probation/Conditional Release for charges of Burglary and Dealing in Stolen Property and was also arrested for the Violation of Probation.

The Ocala Police Department thanks the community for it's assistance in identifying and locating the suspect in these 3 cases. Withoug the cooperative efforts of law enforcement and the community, cases such as this would not be able to to be successfully closed so quickly.

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