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Cocaine Trafficking Arrest
UDEST arrested a man for trafficking cocaine at Green Gables Apartments on 9/18/13
On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, agents with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office located a package containing cocaine. This object – a framed piece of art - was being delivered to an address in Marion County – 34 Fir Dr. Trc., Ocala, FL 34472. One of the agents from Orange County delivered this package to The Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team in Ocala, who then set up an operation to conduct a controlled delivery of the item to the intended recipient.
A black male subject answered the door at the above listed residence and identified himself as the person whose name was on the package – “Oscar Ortiz” – and signed that name in acceptance of the package.
Agents from UDEST maintained surveillance of the house and watched as the black male subject loaded the package into the bed of a blue GMC pickup truck. They followed the truck as it was driven to Green Gables Apartments, 2600 SW 10th St., #2004 in the city limits of Ocala where the subject dropped off the package and left.
UDEST served search warrants on both the county address and the apartment at Green Gables. Upon entering apartment 2004 at Green Gables, the subject, identified as B/M Gabriel Ayala-Quinones, DOB 10/19/76, was located sitting at the kitchen table with tools to cut open the metal frame of the piece of artwork that had been in the package. The art piece containing cocaine itself was lying on top of the box it was delivered in. A large amount of US currency was seen on the counter along with a money counter; Approximately 800 grams of cocaine was located in the kitchen freezer.
Ayala-Quinones was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail. Agents took the framed art piece back to OPD headquarters and disassembled it. Inside the frame they located 5.5 kilos of powder cocaine.
In total they located 5100 grams of cocaine and $10,500 in US currency.
Ayala-Quinones was charged with 1 count of Trafficking Cocaine over 400 grams – bond was set at $250,000.

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