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Woman, Age 24, Arrested for Child Neglect
A woman was arrested for Child Neglect on Friday, July 26, 2013.
On Friday, July 26, 2013, Officer Janette Cabrera responded to a report of a small child being left home alone at a location in the City. Upon arrival, Officer Cabrera found the door to the residence to be slightly ajar and she received no response when she knocked and announced her presence. She entered and found the home to be extremely hot with no air circulating. The residence smelled badly and was in extreme disarray. When Officer Cabrera first saw the rolled up blanket on the couch, she was unable to tell that someone was in it, but when she pulled on the blanket, she found a child inside of it. The 3 year old child was observed to be unresponsive and covered in sweat and fleas. Emergency Medical Services responded and the child was determined to have a temperature of 100 degrees; the child was transported to a local hospital for care. At approximately 5:30pm, a woman identified as Valita E. Burton arrived at the residence and advised she was the child’s mother. Burton told Officer Cabrera that she had left the home at approximately 10am to go to work and that she leaves the 3 year old unattended in this manner “on occasion” due to not having a babysitter.
Burton was placed under arrest for one count of Child Neglect and transported to the Marion County Jail. The Department of Children and Families was contacted to responded and take over the care of the child.

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