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Woman Arrested for Child Neglect
A local woman was arrested on 6/10/13 after leaving her 1 month old infant in a car while she went into a bar.
Britney Jean Rohdy, DOB 02/17/91, was arrested at 1:17 AM today, 06/10/13, for 1 Count of Child Neglect and 1 Count of Possession of a Schedul IV Narcotic. She left her 1 month old infant in a vehicle while she went into a local bar for at least 45 minutes. In addition, she was found to be in possession of Oxycodone without a prescription. She claimed to have only been inside for 5 minutes, but witnesses put her in the bar since 12:30 AM at least, and she didnít go outside until police went in and found her at approximately 1:17 AM. In addition, she had left the infant unattended in the vehicle with the window down and the child was sweating. Fortunately, no injury was found to the infant when examined by medical personnel.

Rohdy went to jail and, luckily, the infant was able to be placed by DCF with a relative. Thank you to the concerned citizens who took an interest in the well-being of this infant by calling OPD!

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