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The Ocala Police Department wants to alert citizens of a current computer scam that has been experienced lately.
The Ocala Police Department has recently had reports of a scam that is being perpetrated over the Internet. While online, citizens will suddenly have a pop up screen appear that advises them of some sort of a security breach monitored by the FBI or Homeland Security. The viewer is advised that, due to accessing a secured/monitored site, their computer has been locked up and that they must pay $300 to $400 in fines in order for the lock to be removed. The message also indicates that the payment must be received by use of a Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid card, which is Visa or Mastercard endorsed.
Once the fine is paid, however, the computer is still locked and unable to be used. Once tracked, it is found that the funds were received by person(s) overseas. Local law enforcement is unable to continue any investigation into these incidents due to the perpetrators being located outside of the United States. Therefore, the funds are unrecoverable and the computers will have to be repaired and/or replaced.
The Ocala Police Department is putting this information out in order to alert citizens of this current computer scam and in the hopes of avoiding there being more victims. Do not pay the “fine” as indicated, as your computer will remain locked up and you will be at a loss of funds that cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, you may still have to have your computer repaired due to the virus.
For further information on this current scam, please contact Sgt. Lisa Bienko at 352-369-7189, or via our main line, 352-369-7000.

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