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The victim of a vicious stabbing that occurred on 3/4/13 is able to talk to law enforcement on 3/7/13.
Case #201300044139

On March 4, 2013, Samuel Roy Cone, II, DOB 09/03/53, was arrested by the Ocala Police Department for the attempted murder of W/F Jill Feingold, DOB 10/13/72. Cone had stabbed Feingold, who is 22 weeks pregnant, with a filet knife multiple times. Feingold was transported for treatment of her injuries as a result of this incident and investigators had been unable to speak with her.
As of yesterday, March 7, 2013, Feingold was deemed stable and able to speak with police. Detective Shawn Minucci conducted the interview with her at the hospital. She told Det. Minucci that there had been a hearing in reference to assignment of power of attorney for Cone's mother on the morning of 3/4/13. As a result of that, Cone's sister had been awarded power of attorney, which had upset him. Feingold advised that Cone had been making negative comments about this throughout the day and had been drinking, therefore she had remained primarily in a bedroom most of the day. She had then come out to wash the dishes. While she was at the sink washing dishes, Cone came in, got a knife and then grabbed her from behind and began stabbing her in the neck area. The struggle continued and move to the living room, where Cone got on top of her and continued to stab her. Feingold advised she said something to the effect of, "You got me Roy; I'm gonna die." Cone then got off of her and advised her he would call 911. Feingold was then able to drag herself to a bedroom and call for assistance herself.
Feingold and her unborn baby are currently in stable condition. Cone remains incarcerated at the Marion County Jail.

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