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A man was arrested on 03/06/13, a warrant obtained for him by Detective Jorge Fernandez for 20 counts of child pornography crimes.
Case #201300035157

On February 19, 2013, the Ocala Police Department received a report from a woman that she had found, while in the process of packing, a thumb drive in a bag belonging to her husband. Upon plugging it in to her computer, she found what appeared to be child pornography. She immediately contacted police. Also present that belonged to her husband, W/M Dennis Conrad Bell, DOB 03/14/63, were other thumb drives and CD's, as well computers and other digital storage devices.
Detective Jorge Fernandez obtained a search warrant for all of the devices. Detective Fernandez was able to view the contents of the thumb drive on a Department issued computer and Detective Mike Dodd from the Marion County Sheriff's Office was able to complete a forensic scan of a Samsung laptop computer. After viewing only the contents of the initial thumb drive and the contents of a Samsung laptop computer, Detective Fernandez was able to obtain a warrant for the arrest of Dennis Bell for 19 counts of Possession of Child Pornography and 1 count of Possession with Intent to Promote Child Pornography. A warrant for the arrest of Bell on the listed charges was obtained on March 4, 2013, as he was currently residing in the Nassau County Jail. He was transported to the Marion County Jail on March 6, 2013 where he was served with the warrant and booked in on the charges. Bond is was set at $195,000.00.
This investigation is continuing, as all of the other digital storage devices are to be searched. Based on information obtained in this investigation, Detective Fernandez expects to find more child pornography, which will result in further charges against Bell.

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