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Armed Robbery Ė 2 Suspects Arrested; 2 Suspects Wanted
Two suspects have been arrested for Armed Robbery to a person that occurred on 1/5/13, and two more have active warrants and are actively being sought.
On Saturday, January 5, 2013, at approximately 1725 hours, H/M Oscar Gomez was riding his bicycle home from his place of employment, New Southern Foods, when he was robbed. Gomez was in the 1600 block of SW 31st Ave. when he was blocked by a white, 2-door Toyota Celica. A white male exited the driverís side of the vehicle, ran up to Gomez and struck him in the head with a handgun, knocking Gomez off the bicycle. The suspect demanded money and Gomez gave him all his cash Ė just over $900.00 due to him having just been paid. The victim also observed a white female on the passenger side of the vehicle and advised that he believed the male suspect to be a former co-worker from his job named Daniel.
Further information was obtained that the suspect was W/M Daniel L. Studer, DOB 1/25/93. On the following date, 1/6/13, Studer was located by Patrol at the Economy Inn, 3520 W. SR40, along with the vehicle described above. He was with 3 others; W/M Charles B. Studer, DOB 10/16/89 (Danielís cousin), W/F Yvonne E. McBride, DOB 11/6/86 and H/F Margaret N. Hernandez, DOB 1/24/94 (Danielís girlfriend).
Upon interviews conducted by Det. Miguel Gauthier, Daniel was arrested for Armed Robbery. He later gave information advising of his participation in the robbery, but advised that his cousin, Charles, had actually committed the robbery. Daniel advised that Charles had been driving the vehicle with McBride in the front passenger seat and he and Hernandez in the back seat. The other three subjects had already been interviewed and released, having denied any involvement. However, on the following date, 1/7/13, Det. Gauthier was contacted by Danielís mother, who brought Hernandez back to OPD. Hernandez advised Det. Gauthier of her involvement in the robbery, as well as that of Charles and McBride, and was arrested and charged as a principal in the crime.
Det. Gauthier has obtained warrants for the arrest of McBride and Charles B. Studer for this crime. We are currently seeking to locate them and take them into custody. Anyone with information on the location of either, or both, of these suspects is asked to contact OPD at 352-369-7000 or, to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers of Ocala at 352-368-STOP (7867) or www.ocalacrimestoppers.com.

Case #201300003166
Photos of suspects with warrants are available at both our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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