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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over
The Ocala Police Department reports a record year for DUI arrests in 2011.
The Ocala Police Department reports a record year for DUI arrests in 2011. The Ocala Police Department apprehended 325 individuals for DUI in 2011, compared to only 161 DUI arrests in 2010. There were more DUI arrests in 2011 than any other year in the history of the agency.

Traffic Unit Supervisor Sergeant Mike Sommer gives a lot of credit to the Ocala Police Department being awarded a DUI Suppression Grant sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation. The grant allowed us to put more officers on the road focusing on indentifying and apprehending impaired drivers. The grant also supported extra equipment including allowing us to purchase our own intoxilyzer.

In November of 2010 Special Operations Supervisor Lieutenant Butch Green started utilizing two night time traffic officers with the primary mission of DUI enforcement. The traffic unit compared statistics over a three month period and realized there was a significant reduction in alcohol related injuries and death deaths in traffic crashes. Lieutenant Green made the positions full time and Traffic Officers, William Joedicke and Dan Wright were selected for the position.

In 2011 Officer William Joedicke made 117 DUI Arrests and Officer Dan Wright made 115 DUI arrests. Between these two Officers they made 72% of the DUI arrests in 2011. The leading Patrol Officers were Andrew Ritz with 21 DUI arrests and Charles Hunt with 20 DUI arrests. Sommer advised that all four officers would be recognized for their outstanding efforts in DUI apprehension.

In 2010 there were 4 alcohol related traffic fatalities. In 2011 there is one reported possible alcohol related fatality, Officials are awaiting results from a December case. Sergeant Sommer stated While we are proud of the efforts of our officers reducing the number of alcohol related traffic crashes involving injuries or deaths due to impaired drivers, it remains imperative that our citizens take responsibility for their actions and find alternatives to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In 2012 The Ocala Police Departments focus on arresting impaired drivers will continue, the Ocala Police Department wants to encourage everyone not to drive impaired, and avoid being a statistic.

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