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Ocala Police Department cracking down on illegal house parties
Ocala Police Department has zero tolerance for the use of alcohol and drugs being consumed by underage persons.

The Ocala Police Department is preparing to crack down on illegal house parties within our community. Within the past year there have been several injuries and even deaths resulting from teenagers attending illegal house parties where alcohol and drugs are being served to underage persons. We are planning to aggressively enforce any violations of illegal house parties.

The Ocala Police department is planning on training officers on how to identify an illegal house party and what actions to take when a violation is observed. There is a Florida State Statute (856.015) which prohibits persons from having a house party whereas any minor is consuming alcohol and or drugs. There is also an Ocala City Ordinance (42-11) that prohibits any type of riotous conduct at any residence within the Ocala City Limits, including fighting, disorderly conduct, and or loud noise.

We are encouraging our citizens to report any and all of the above type of activities, and sending out a warning that violators will be arrested if violations are observed.

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