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Local man arrested for bank robbery
Local Ocala man arrested for robbing the Bank of America, 35 SE 1st Avenue.
On February 25, 2011 at 9:39 AM the Ocala Police Department responded to a bank robbery at Bank of America, 35 SE 1st Avenue. Officers responded quickly and a description was obtained of a black male. Employees reported a black male wearing a hat and dark clothing presented a note demanding money and implying he had a gun. The subject obtained money from the teller and walked out of the bank.

Detective Mike Hilton was in the area and observed a suspicious black male exit a porta potty located across from the bank. Detective Hilton followed the subject to Richards Place Restaurant located at 316 East Silver Springs Blvd.

Detective Hilton and Officer Robert Douglas stopped the black male and asked him to exit the restaurant and the subject made a spontaneous statement that he would make it easy on them. The subject attempted to reach in his pocket and was restrained by the officers for their safety, and they did recover money from the subject. The subject advised the money was from the bank robbery. Detective Hilton requested the porta potty be searched and officers located a gun, clothing, and the robbery note. The black male was identified as Charles F. Grier, black male, 10/04/58.

Evidence officers were able to locate and collect the gun, clothing and note from the porta potty and money was recovered from the suspect. The gun was actually an airsoft pellet gun.

Grier was arrested for robbery and transported to the Marion County Jail on $10,000.00 Bond.

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