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Press Releases

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Thanksgiving Holiday Click It or Ticket Initiative
The Thanksgiving Holiday Click It or Ticket Initiative begins this Sunday, 11/21/10.
The Ocala Police Department announces its Thanksgiving Holiday Click It or Ticket Initiative that will run from Sunday, November 21, 2010 until Tuesday, November 30, 2010. In its participation in this campaign, the Ocala Police Department is continuing its pledge to save lives by intensifying its efforts to enforce the seat belt and child restraint laws.

On June 30, 2009, violations of Florida’s seat belt law became a primary stop for law enforcement officers. This means that officers may stop motorists when they see a violation of the seatbelt law, and no other type of violation will be necessary for officers to make the traffic stop. The Ocala Police Department recently conducted a pre-Click It or Ticket Seatbelt Survey at multiple locations in Ocala. The results of this survey indicated an 82% seatbelt usage; the 2010 statewide survey in June 2010 showed that the usage for the State of Florida is at 87.4%. For the 2010 calendar year, up to November 9, 2010, Ocala Police Department Officers have contacted 2,612 violators of the Florida Seatbelt Law and 133 violators of child safety restraint laws. Our officers are aiming to lower the number of violators and increase the number of those properly using seatbelts and child restraints this holiday season.

Officers will be increasing their watch for vehicles with any violations of the Florida laws on safety belt and child restraint usage during both day and night time hours.

The Ocala Police Department is dedicated to saving lives and wants everyone in vehicles on our roadways to buckle up – Seatbelts Save Lives!!

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