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Updated information on the Robbery at Florida Citizens Bank.
During the course of the investigation by Det. Thibodeau, the arrestee, w/m Wayne L. Hurst, DOB 10/26/76, advised that he had turned himself in due to being overcome with guilt over robbing the bank. He decided to turn himself in to police and made his way from his home in Silver Springs to the Marion County Jail.

Hurst gave consent to search his residence for items used in this crime. Det. Thibodeau was able to recover the clothing worn by Hurst during the robbery, a small black carrying case that he used to hold the money, and a toy pellet gun that is identical to the one used in the robbery. Hurst advised that he’d thrown the actual pellet gun into the woods, but it is one of three identical ones he and his roommate owned. In addition, a vehicle was present that matched the description that was given by witnesses at the bank robbery.

According to the arrest affidavit, Hurst advised Det. Thibodeau that he had committed this robbery out of desperation; he and his roommate are both unemployed at this time. He said that the money was used to pay back rent, utilities and to purchase food.

Hurst is being transported to the Marion County Jail where he will be booked on the one count of Armed Robbery. The bond is $50,000.

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