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Ocala Police Department
Alert Network


Instantaneous and proactive communication from local law enforcement to you

The Alert Network allows the Ocala Police Department to instantly update you about crimes, emergencies and other important information.

All Alerts are delivered via e-mail and are also available via text message on your cell phone.

   • Citizen Alerts inform all registered users of public safety concerns in your area. The Alerts contain information about crime trends, descriptions of suspects, missing persons, as well as advice on personal safety, and how to safeguard property.

   • Business Alerts are targeted to specific business types, so your business will receive information about crimes that are pertinent to your business type.

   • Case Alerts allow law enforcement to automatically disseminate information about open cases to all registered Citizen Observer users.

   • Watch Group Alerts allow law enforcement to send targeted alerts to specific neighborhoods with information about crimes that are happening in their immediate area.

Secure Two-Way Communication between the public and local law enforcement

Possibly the biggest benefit of the Alert Network is the way it makes possible two-way communication between law enforcement and the public.

   • Law Enforcement can update citizens on situations that require their attention.

   • As we the public learn about fugitives, missing persons and unsolved cases, we can provide tips directly to the agency. 

 Sign Up Today

Help create a stronger community by signing up to receive Citizen, Business, and Neighborhood alerts. You’ll get information directly from your local law enforcement agency that impacts your community.

It’s easy!!

1. Go to the Ocala Police Department website and click on the “Sign Up for Alerts” link.

2. Fill out the form and you’re done … then spread the word and invite your neighbors to join.

3. Please note that CitizenObserver is a secure website and protects your privacy. For more details, please review the CitizenObserver privacy policy.


To sign up for the alerts

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