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Florida Severe Weather Awareness Week: Hurricanes and Flooding

Post Date:01/25/2018

With nearly 40% of all hurricanes that strike the United States making landfall in the state of Florida, and with tropical cyclones near our coast lines provoking storm surges and heavy rain, it is never too early in the year to begin preparing for weather events. Despite hurricane winds being feared, oftentimes its water which leads to fatalities.

Because flash floods can occur hundreds of miles away from a cyclone’s center it is critical for residents to know if their home sits in a flood zone. Determining your home’s vulnerability during hurricane or flood activity will help you prepare adequately. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you develop your emergency plan:

  • Is my home located in a flood or evacuation zone?
  • If evacuations were necessary, would I stay with relatives or do I need to identify the nearest shelter?
  • Does my disaster supply kit have enough nonperishable food and supplies to support my family for three days?

As you craft the answer to these questions, you will find out exactly how prepared you are, and how much work lies ahead to ensure your family is ready to handle a hurricane or flooding event.

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